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Monday, January 29, 2007

New Semester, New Stress

At the beginning of most college semesters I normally feel pretty calm and excited by the possibilities of the upcoming semester. This semester is a bit different for me. It could be a subconscious fear because of the horror stories I have heard about taking Advanced ID and RFP together, but typically I work the best when I have a lot to do. I think more than anything working in 2 different groups is the cause of my stress. I understand the importance of groups and really want to get better at working on a team. I'm happy my team mates but still I am not fully used to the situation. I'm used to getting homework, doing what I need to do and then hand it in. I feel somewhat out of control working in groups, I like to know exactly what is done, how's it done, and what needs to be done. Still, I know this is not how it works in the "real world". So I think one of the most important goals I will be working towards this semester is to become more comfortable working in groups, of course along with discovering more aspects of design and development.